Digger Articles

An ongoing series provided by Oregon State University in partnership with Oregon Association of Nurseries to share research, education and extension activities with the regional and national nursery growers.

The series is published in the monthly edition of Digger magazine, the voice of the Northwest nursery industry for more than 50 years. A complete listing of archived Digger articles is available. Here are several featured articles from our series of articles.

Featured Articles

  • Testing two genera: OSU plant trials put several cultivars of Arctostaphylos and Grevillea to the test( PDF) February 2010
  • March (PDF): Growing students for the green industry: The OSU Department of Horticulture prepares the professionals of tomorrow for nursery, greenhouse, landscape and turf careers (pgs. 49-53)
  • Into the blue: A comparison of substrate amendments for the adjustment of hydrangea flower color (PDF) April 2010
  • June (PDF): Moving towards automation: The beginnings of superior inventory management and precision agriculture for nursery field crops (pgs. 49-53)
  • July (PDF): When mites make right: How to control spider mites in the nursery biologically by using predatory mites (pgs. 41-46)
  • August (PDF): Feeding through the leaves: Scientists study whether foliar fertilization has benefits for tree growers (pgs. 115-120)
  • September (PDF): Reducing Phytophthora: These top 10 tips will help prevent this group of pathogens from taking hold (pg. 41-46)
  • October (PDF): Breaking it down: Growers can get the most value from their compost by having it analyzed first (pgs. 41-46)
  • November (PDF): Becoming your own prophet of profit: In the current economy, predicting and managing costs is the most reliable way to stay in the black (pgs. 41-45)

Article in 2007

  • December (PDF): What's your leaching fraction? A simple test can reduce iffigation inefficiencies (pgs. 40-43)