The nursery program at NWREC includes areas of focus in:

The Nursery and Christmas tree program at NWREC is currently recruiting for their 2014 spring/summer internship program.

For complete program information and application requirements, please visit our internship page.

The IR-4 Ornamental Horticulture Program needs your assistance! We invite you to help focus our research prioritization by answering a short survey about the diseases, insects, and weeds which impact your business.

Please spend 5 minutes to take this short survey!

IR-4 Research Survey

More information about the IR-4 Ornamentals Program.


Areas of Interest:


  • Digger Articles
    An ongoing series provided by Oregon State University in partnership with Oregon Association of Nurseries to share research, education and extension activities with the regional and national nursery growers. The series is published in the monthly edition of Digger magazine, the voice of the Northwest nursery industry for more than 50 years.
  • OSU Nursery Extension, Research & Education on Facebook
    Stay up to date on current activities of the the OSU nursery crops program. The program includes scientists, extension agents, and educators that work with industry professionals and peers to help growers meet their ongoing needs while educating and training the future of the industry.
  • AGRIMET - Pacific Northwest Cooperative Agricultural Weather Network
    AgriMet, a conjunction of the words "agricultural" and "meteorology", is a satellite-based network of automated agricultural weather stations operated and maintained by the Bureau of Reclamation. The stations are located in irrigated agricultural areas throughout the Pacific Northwest and are dedicated to regional crop water use modeling, agricultural research, frost monitoring, and integrated pest and fertility management. The Aurora (ARAO) station located at the NWREC was installed in 1998.


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