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Hybrid, Private Pesticide Applicator Exam Preparation Course In Spanish

This is a four-week course held at the North Willamette Research & Extension Center and online. The class will cover pesticide math, label interpretation, and laws & regulations.  


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Curso de Preparación Para el Examen de Aplicador de Pesticidas en Español

Este curso de cuatro semanas se llevará a cabo en el North Willamette Research & Extension Center y por internet. Se cubrirán conceptos de matemáticas, interpretación de etiquetas y leyes & regulaciones. 

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English to Spanish 

Español a Íngles


•Download the OktoberPest Interpretación de Etiquetas Presentation here!

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•Farwest 2014: Invitados no bienvenidos en nuestros cultivos

•Farwest 2015: Desinfectantes: Qué es lo que debemos conocer para obtener los mejores resultados de su uso?

In English & Spanish:

Azalea Lace Bug Bilingual Poster

Cover of the latest version of "Identifying and Managing christmas tree diseases, pests, and other problems"

  • New! Updated April, 2014. Identifying and Managing Christmas Tree Diseases, Pests, and Other Problems. For more details and ordering information visit the OSU Publications and Multimedia Catalog.

A digital, mobile friendly version in Spanish can be accessed HERE

  • ¡Nuevo! Actualizado abril, 2014. Identificación y Manejo de Enfermedades, Plagas y Otros Problemas en Árboles de Navidad. Para mas detalles e información sobre como ordenar, visite la página de catálogo de publicaciones de OSU.

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In English:

En español:




1. Plant health education program

This program has been designed for nursery and greenhouse workers based on data collected from a needs assessment survey for training opportunities.  The survey was carried out in 2009 and 2010 with members of the nursery industry.

Current and past trainings:

“Best management practices to prevent Phytophthora diseases”.  Five different topics were identified and presented one per month. This workshop series was offered on 2010 and sponsored by ODA.

“Training nursery personnel on systems approach to prevent and detect plant problems”.  This is a core training that is offered at the site of work.  It was initiated on 2012 and continues active on 2013.  We are willing to accept new nurseries interested to get this training for the workers.  The workshop is customized according the needs of training for the nursery.  This program is supported by ODA.

“Plant Health topics”.  This is a new pilot program initiated in January 2013.  This program was initiated in partnership with nurseries interested to improve the quality of work of their workers by exposing them to new concepts, hands-on activities and the opportunity to interact and ask about their daily challenges producing and growing plants. Four different topics have been considered.

2. IPM training for workers in the Christmas tree industry

In collaboration with the Christmas tree specialist, we offer classes about scouting and diagnosis of Christmas tree problems. Our main audience is Spanish-speaking workers. We want to help them to improve their scouting techniques and provide some knowledge for an efficient Integrated Pest Management.

We have developed a bilingual diagnostic field guide in English and Spanish to support these IPM trainings.

3. Food Handling Safety "Train the Trainer" workshops.

This is a collaborative effort from Extension and the Berry commissions to create and awareness of good practices during the harvest season and prevent food contamination. (April-May).

  • For additional information or to participate in any of these programs please contact us.

Program Contacts

Luisa Santamaria, Nursery Crops Extension Specialist— Plant Pathologist and Bilingual Educator.

Gilbert Uribe, Education Program Assistant.