Pesticide Registrations for Specialty/Minor Crops

Harvesting hop cones for evaluation.
Harvesting hop cones for evaluation.

Located at NWREC, the main goals of the Center are to provide Oregon growers of food, seed, and ornamental crops with the pest control options they need to effectively manage crop pests, ensure a stable and safe food supply, and maintain a healthy environment, while ensuring their success and profitability. 

As Director of the Center, I and my staff, Gina Koskela, Judy Kowalski and Peter Sturman, liaison, coordinate and collaborate with researchers and extension personnel from OSU and other universities, growers, agrochemical company representatives, crop consultants, the Oregon Department of Agriculture , and IR-4 to help Oregon growers meet their pest management goals. 

We conduct efficacy and crops safety research trials, provide crop and pesticide information and data to regulatory agencies, and, in cooperation with the Western Region IR-4 Program , conduct pesticide residue field trials that provide data required by the Environmental Protection Agency for establishment of a pesticide registration.  About 80% of the field research we conduct involves reduced-risk products, IPM-compatible alternatives, and biologically-based products.  Our Center is the only such center located in Oregon.

Center Activities Leading to Registrations

In addition, I am the State Liaison Representative to the National IR-4 Program.  In this capacity, I liaison with specialty/minor crop growers in Oregon to help identify pest problems, determine pest management needs, and convey those needs to ODA, agrochemical companies, IR-4, EPA, USDA, and other federal regulatory agencies.

Joe DeFrancesco