Nursery Intern Projects

Roots escaping thru bottom of pots.
Jimmy's project showing Thuja roots escaping thru bottom of pots.
Jackson sitting on wetland project display.
Jackson displaying the three levels in his irrigation run-off project.

Intern:Jimmy Klick

Jimmy's research project addressed a common issue facing Pot-In-Pot container nurseries-agressively growing  plants rooting out of their containers. His research paper below explains his project in detail.  

Non-Chemical Solutions To Reduce Root Escape In Pot-In-Pot Nursery Production (pdf)



Intern:Jackson Kowalski


Jackson's project utilized three different vegetation zones to study the effects of irrigation run-off water. See how he built and set up his project as well as some interesting data he collected by reviewiing his project write-up below.


Water Remediation Wetland Study (pdf)