The North Willamette Research and Extension Center is a 160-acre farm located just south of Wilsonville and the Willamette River and one mile east of I-5.  The Center has been an Oregon State Univeristy agricultural experimental farm since 1957. The property is owned by Clackamas County government and a no-cost lease is provided to OSU for use of the land for agricultural experimentation and demonstration.  All buildings and infrastructure at the Center are the full responsibility of OSU for construction and/or maintenance.

Besides the farm property and rich valley soils representative of the local environment, the Cener includes 13 buildings and structures to support the work and mission of NWREC.  The Center's Main Office building includes faculty and support staff offices, laboratories, small group meeting rooms, and a large conference/teaching classroom with capacity for up to 80 participants in theater seating.

Others buildings and structures include: Parker House (donated home from the Parker family) that houses the field research and technical staff, greenhouses and hoop houses, containerized nursery facilities, equipment storage buildings and shop, pump houses, chemical storage building, three barns, and a farm house occupied by one of NWREC's staff for 24-hour security. 

In addition, various  ornamental display gardens and project trials provide a wide assortment of trees and shrubs to greet visitors as they approach the parking area.  The Winter Garden is a unique collection of rare and unusual landscape plants.  Also, numerous experimental plantings of berries, grapes, vegetables, nursery crops, and Christmas trees complete the Center's resources.

The farm and facilities at NWREC are managed and cared for by our Farm Manager, Marc Anderson; our Building Trades Maintenance worker, Geoff Lewis; and our Farm Management Assistant, Derek Wells.  Derek lives full-time on the property in our farm house.