Noble fir Progeny Trial Articles

Progeny Trials

"True Fir Genetics" written by Ken Brown. The third part in a series discussing the genetic improvements in true firs-this part mainly focusing on Noble fir.

"Noble Fir Progeny Evaluation" written by Ken Brown and Chal Landgren. The findings of a 1994 Noble fir progeny trial are discussed in this article.

"Noble Fir Progeny Testing-The BIG Picture" written by Chal Landgren. An overview of six large progeny trials form 1996-2005, with 210 families tested at various northwest locations.

"The Continuing Quest for Better Nobles:Results from Ongoing Progeny Testing" wriiten by Chal Landgren. Provides a summary of results from continuing progeny trial testing new familes from the Riley/Fanno area. This information also expands and updates on results of a prior 1987 trial.

"Finding Outstanding Noble Fir Trees in a Large Haystack" written by Chal Landgren and Jim Bays. New seed collection areas are discussed after their testing in the field.

"Are Improved Seedlings Worth It?" written by Chal Landgren. Overview of a 1996 planting with 16 Danish and BLM families and the value of genetic improvements.

Related Topics

"Fertilizing Noble Fir" written by Rick Fletcher, Chal Landgren, Steve Webster and Mike Bondi. Discusses fertilizer study running from 1988 and continuing through 1994 in which Urea-Sul and Kmag are compaired.