Douglas-fir Progeny Trial Articles

Progeny Trials

"Douglas-fir Progeny" written by Chal Landgren. An overview of the 2008 Douglas-fir progeny trial.

"Building a Better Douglas-fir" written by Chal Landgren. Reports on the top performing trees from a trial initiated in 1997. Sources from Vancouver Island, Powell River and Texada Island are compared to two Oregon standards.

"Genetic Improvement of Christmas Trees" written by Ken Brown, Bob Campbell and Bill Proebsting. Reviews a provenance test initiated in 1980 evaluating seed samples from throughout western Oregon, Washington and southern British Columbia.


Related Topics

"Cloning the Perfect Tree" written by Dennis Tompkins in 1990. Reviews steps to used and characteristics to look for when cloning the perfect specimen.

"Nitrogen Fertilizer: Where Does It Go?" written by Steve Webster, Chal Landgren, Rick Fletcher and Mike Bondi. Study from 1991 and 1992 looks at how nitorgen is utilized in Willamette Valley grown Douglas-fir Christmas trees.

"Doug Fir Genetics Work Slow But Sure Process" written by Roy Silen. This article offers an insight into the history of Douglas-fir Christmas tree improvement efforts during the 60's through the 1980's.