Christmas Trees

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Christmas Tree Field Tour

UPDATE:September 18th, just to verify for all-Tour is going on as planned-rain or shine!

September 18, 2017

  • Meet at Stroda Brothers Tree Farm, see link below for map to location

  • 2:00-6:00 pm



Christmas Tree Progeny Trials

Below are links to articles published in The Christmas Tree Lookout by the Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association. These articles were written by many industry professionals about past and ongoing progeny trials in the Northwest. They contain interesting information on several Christmas tree species including Douglas-fir, Noble fir, Nordmann and Turkish fir.

Station Research

NWREC Christmas Tree Seed Orchards


Christmas tree Economics

Additional Resources

Pacific Northwest Pest Management Control Handbooks

Interesting Articles

Program Contacts

  • Chal Landgren, Extension Specialist—Christmas Trees
  • Judy Kowalski, Bio Science Research Technician 3—Nursery, Christmas Trees, and Specialty Crop Registrations


Identification and Use

of Beneficial Insects

 in Controlling Aphids in Christmas Trees