Berry Crops

2017 Berry Field Days...SAVE THE DATE!

Strawberry Open House: June 7th, 1-4 pm

Caneberry Field Day: June 28th, 1-5 pm

Blueberry Field Day: July 12, 1-5 pm

More details will be posted as they become available.

New online blueberry physiology, production systems & management course

Offered by Dr. Bernadine Strik, Professor of Horticulture, and colleagues through professional and continuing education at OSU! The course is limited to 35 students and the next offering starts September 29, 2017.

Click here for details and registration!

2016 Strawberry Open House and Blueberry Field Day featured in new OSU Extension YouTube videos: click to view!

See What We Are Working On

Berry Crop Production Systems & Breeding-          Bernadine Strik

Blueberry Extension and Research- Wei Yang


  • Costs of Producing Trailing Blackberries for an Organic, Machine-harvested Processed Market. Using information from organic research trial results at Oregon State University’s North Willamette Research and Extension Center, costs and returns of establishing and maintaining trailing blackberry (e.g., ‘Marion’ or ‘Black Diamond’) for organic production in Oregon were compiled. The cost study is provided in excel file format where growers can edit the numbers to make it more relevant for their situation. Please refer to the “Cover” and “Assumptions” sheets in the file for more information.

  • Costs of Producing Erect Blackberry in Organic Production for Fresh Market: This study allows you to evaluate the costs and returns of establishing and maintaining erect blackberry (e.g. ‘Ouachita’) for organic production in Oregon. See the budget program for more information.

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