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Berry Crop Production Systems & Breeding-          Bernadine Strik

Blueberry Extension and Research- Wei Yang

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Workshop for Machine Harvesting Blueberries: May 21st, 9am-4pm

This workshop aims to introduce a potential new blueberry production system by using the wild Vaccinium arboreum species to improve machine harvesting of fresh market blueberries.  The topics include breeding a blueberry tree, physiology, nutrition, and propagation of Vaccinium arboreum plants, field performance of blueberry trees, and the economics of adapting such a new production system.  There is no cost to attend and the space is limited to 70 people. Early registration is encouraged.  Click on the link to the registration form below to download the form, and view the complete itinerary.  Please email your completed registration form to:

Workshop for machine harvesting fresh market blueberries registration form


Strawberry Open House: June 11th, 1-4:30pm

Caneberry Field Day: July 9th, 1-5pm

Blueberry Field Day: July 16th, 1-5pm

Events will be held at the NWREC and will focus on the breeding program and conventional and organic research projects for commercial growers. Please mark your calendars and watch for more details. 


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