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Berry Crop Production Systems & Breeding-          Bernadine Strik

Blueberry Extension and Research- Wei Yang

Upcoming events:

OSU Blueberry School: March 16-17, 2015 For information and registration, go to: Registration closes March 2!

This two-day blueberry “school” is intended for both new and experienced blueberry growers, farm managers, crew leaders, advisors, packers/shippers, and consultants. Experts from Oregon State University, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Washington State University, and the blueberry industry will address key issues of where the blueberry market is going; how you might be more successful in tight labor or volume markets; which cultivars are easiest to grow and are in most demand; how to establish new acreage using cutting-edge methods; projected costs and the resources available to growers for selecting new planting sites; how to best manage existing acreage to maximize returns of high-quality fruit; basic information on blueberry plant physiology to help growers minimize environmental stresses and improve yield potential; nutrient management programs for optimal growth and quality; irrigation and fertigation practices for higher quality and better efficiency; use of organic amendments and mulches; using weed mat as a mulch (strengths and possible weaknesses); planning for and improving machine harvest efficiency; pruning for hand or machine harvest (where can you cut corners….or not), maximizing pollination for good fruit and seed set; overviews of the most important blueberry viruses, diseases, insects, weeds, and vertebrate pests; and tools for good pest management. Information throughout the program will address the needs of conventional, transitional, and organic growers. For more information see our draft agenda posted on the web site.

Mark your calendars for our summer berry field days! (More details to come)

Strawberry Open House: June 10, 1-4:30pm
Caneberry Open House: July 1, 1-5pm
Blueberry Field Day: July 8, 1-5pm


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