North Willamette Research and Extension Center

The North Willamette Research and Extension Center (NWREC) is Oregon State University's only agriculture field research station located in the northwestern part of the state. 

We serve farmers in the seven county north valley area and focus our research and education on the region's most important crop systems: nurseries and greenhouses, fresh vegetables and specialty seed crops, berries and small fruit, Christmas trees, and small commercial farms.  In addition, NWREC is the location for the state's only IR-4 Pesticide Registration program working with agricultural crops throughout Oregon.

To visit NWREC or to Contact Us

Our address is:

15210 NE Miley Road

Aurora, OR 97002

Ph: 503-678-1264

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NWREC’s Summer Students are Here!

Faculty and staff at NWREC have been busy this winter and spring recruiting students for work at the farm this summer.  It takes a lot of help to keep up with all the field work that includes everything from berry picking and evaluations, to rodent trapping, mowing to plant growth measurements—not to mention getting great practical work experience in agricultural science fields of study. Read more about our students.

Upcoming Events...

Soil Workshops for Small Vegetable Farms

August 13, 2014 &  August 14, 2014 @ NWREC

These workshops are for farmers looking to understand more about soils. The first day will cover beginning topics including soil types, texture, structure, and organic matter. Participants will have a chance to view soil horizons in the deep soil pit and observe a tillage demonstration. The second day includes more advanced topics including soil testing, soil moisture, nitrogen management, and identifying nutrient deficiency symptoms. Participants will learn how to the the OSU Organic Fertilizer and Cover Crop Calculator.

Complete information and registration information.

Tour Time

Interested in seeing first hand what grows and goes on here at the farm? Find out how to participate in a tour of North Willamette Research and Extension Center this summer.


  • New Christmas Tree Publication Released-
    Best Management Practices for Christmas Tree Export, Authors: Heather Stoven, Chal Landgren, Rogg Helmuth, LaBonte James. More information.
  • Nursery Research Leader Update-The hiring process is officially underway for a new Nursery Research and Extension faculty member at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center. Details about the search.

Down on the farm June 2014

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