Spring 2014 edition of Down on the Farm
Spring 2014 edition of "Down on the Farm" newsletter.
Blueberry field day participants listen to falconer.
Blueberry field day participants learn about falcons and their benefits to growers.

Solar Array Project

Full story and pictures of our latest facilities project.

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The Charbonneau Villager

NWREC Director, Mike Bondi, is a regular contributor to The Charbonneau Villager, a monthly newspaper from the local community of Charbonneau. These articles connect Charbonneau's residents to the services and information provided by NWREC. View articles authored by Mike Bondi for The Charbonneau Villager.

Clackamas County Extension Community Report

“Our goal with the Community Report is to showcase our key education programs, outreach, and research for the past year—and the difference these activities make in people’s lives here in our communities.” Copies of the Clackamas County Extension Community Report can be obtained at the Extension office in Oregon City or at NWREC in Aurora.

Download the OSU Clackamas County Extension Community Report 2011 (PDF)

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