Joe DeFrancesco

Joe DeFrancesco, Assistant Professor, Senior Research
Joe DeFrancesco, Assistant Professor, Senior Research

Assistant Professor, Senior Research

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At NWREC since: July, 2006 (with OSU since 1986)

Department: Horticulture

Education: BS (soil science) and MS (horticulture), Oregon state University

Home Town: Corvallis, OR

Research and Extension Interests:

Pesticide Registrations for Specialty/Minor Crops

      I assist growers by conducting pesticide residue field trials to determine safe levels of pesticides allowed in food and feed commodities. We also conduct efficacy and phytotoxicity field trials with new pesticide formulations for food, feed and ornamental crops. 

Pest Management Strategic Plans (PMSP)

     I help commodities in the Oregon and the Pacific Northwest develop a PMSP for their particular industry, such as blueberries, onions, or hops, which highlights their pest issues and provides guidance on how to achieve their pest management goals. 

Berry Crops: Pest Management and Pesticide Registration Tracking

     I help keep the three Oregon berry commissions (Blueberry, Raspberry and Blackberry, and Strawberry) informed of pesticide registration and pest management issues that may affect production of their crop and even their livelihood. 

 Berry Crops: Global Harmonization of Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs)

      In order to eliminate trade barriers that may exist due to non-harmonized MRLs between countries, I work closely with EPA, IR-4, pesticide registrants, and regulatory agencies around the world to ensure that pesticide levels in Oregon berries shipped to foreign markets will not only be safe for consumption but will not violate their MRL standards

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