Wei's Blueberry Blog

posted Mar 2nd 2011 at 11:00PM

I had a conversation with Dr. Jay Pscheidt, OSU Extension Plant Pathology Specialist about root rot in blueberrries. I thought it's worth to share his thoughts.

Jay said:

A Phytophthora root rot problem is indicative of poor soil drainage and/or too much irrigation. Blueberries have the added problem of pH and simply do not grow well when out of the correct range. The top priority here is to be sure we are dealing with Phytophthora and not something else. If so, then the solution will be water management supplemented with other things such as chemical control. Correcting the...

posted Feb 28th 2011 at 11:00PM

Dr. Ed Peachey of Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University just published a bulletin on weed control regarding a few new chemistries.