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Oregon has a diverse, economically important berry crop industry with about 23,000 acres harvested for a farm gate value of over $123 million. Berry crops are grown on over 1000 family farms in Oregon. The overall goal of the berry crops research and extension program is to help growers of blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, and kiwi fruit make educated decisions with regard to planting establishment and management to improve economic viability and sustainability.

 The berry research program at the NWREC led by Dr. Strik includes: 1) production and physiology research; and 2) serving as the OSU lead on the berry crops breeding program, led by Dr. Chad Finn (USDA-ARS geneticist at the Horticultural Crops Research Unit, Corvallis) – the breeding program, a cooperative effort between the USDA-ARS and OSU that started in 1917, has the objective of developing better berry crop varieties for the Pacific Northwest.

 Our program has many trials underway in any given year. When projects are nearing completion, we provide updates (see links below). For access to Dr. Strik's published papers and Extension publications, refer to her faculty page in the Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University:

News and Press

Two more new varieties have been released by Dr. Chad Finn, USDA-ARS: 'Mini Blues', a small fruited blueberry and 'Columbia Giant', a very large fruited, thornless blackberry. Read about them here!

Two journal articles have been published for the release of 'Columbia Star' trailing blackberry (click here) and 'Sweet Sunrise' strawberry (click here).


Production Systems

Current Research Projects

Past Research Projects & Ongoing Plantings

Breeding Program

USDA-ARS & Cooperative Breeding Program: NWREC trials

New Cultivar Releases:

  • 'Columbia Star' (thornless), 'Columbia Giant' (large fruited thornless), 'Columbia Sunrise (early thornless), and 'Onyx' trailing blackberry
  • 'Vintage' and 'Kokanee' red raspberry
  • 'Charm', 'Sweet Sunrise', and 'Marys Peak' strawberry
  • 'Perpetua' and 'Mini Blues' blueberry

Newly revised extension publications offer information on the latest cultivars studied here at the NWREC, area growers, and other Pacific Northwest Universities:

Blackberry Cultivars for Oregon

Strawberry Cultivars for Western Oregon and Washington

Raspberry Cultivars for the Pacific Northwest

Blueberry Cultivars for the Pacific Northwest

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