2010 Nursery Research Field Day

Top research and extension leaders from OSU and USDA-ARS presented current regional and national research and extension activities related to the commercial nursery industry. Concise and easy to understand formal presentations approximately 10 minutes in length were given in the morning. This format allowed participants to sit in on all topics of interest that pertain to their business.

A Hawaiian barbecue lunch was served after the formal presentations concurrently with an informal poster session.

After lunch participants and researchers walked the ongoing research plots getting a brief and concise synopsis of 2010 research projects and relevant hands-on demonstrations.

See the 2010 Agenda (PDF)

Formal Presentations

Afternoon Presentations

  • Alternative Containers to Prevent Rooting Out in Pot-in-Pot Production, Jimmy Klick
  • Arctostaphylos Plant Evaluation: An Update of the Living, Neil Bell
  • Evaluation of Plant Health Devices, Mike Kapsimallis
  • Eriophyid Mite on Shade Trees: An Update, Betsey Miller
  • Alternative Soilless Substrates, Heather Stoven
  • IR-4 Ornamental Horticulture Program, Judy Kowalski
  • Ostara's Crystal Green® Fertilizer Product Trial, Jim Owen
  • Effect of Geohumus® on Hydrangea Crop Response and Water Use, Jim Owen
  • Pennisetum Plant Evaluation, Mara Friddle
  • Effect of Fertilizer Rate and Application Technique in Container Production, Jim Owen
  • Crop Response to Varying Local Compost Additions to a Bark Substrate, Dan Sullivan
  • Evaluating Sterility of Ornamental Crops, Ryan Contreras
  • Solarization and Biocontrol to Reduce Soilborne Diseases, Jennifer Parke
  • Foliar Fertilization in Conifers: Year 2, Chal Landgren
  • In Search for the Perfect Compost Amendment for Ericaceous Field Crops, Ryan Costello
  • The Effect of Compaction, Tillage and Compost in Conventional Landscapes and Xeriscapes, Dan Sullivan
  • Germplasm Collection and Cultivar Development of Cotoneaster, Joseph Rothleutner
  • Remote irrigation monitoring, Dan Bailey


  • Compost Improves Establishment of Standard and Drought-Tolerant Landscape Plants in Compacted Soil. Sullivan, D; Bell, C.N.; Owen, J; Kowalski, J.A. and McQueen, J.
  • The Phytopthora Online Course: Training for Nursery Growers. Jennifer L. Parke, Jay Pscheidt and Richard Regan
  • Assessment of Struvite Containing Controlled Release Fertilizers as a Source of Phosphorus for Containerized Ornamental Crop Production. James S. Owen Jr, Heather M. Stoven, Judy Kowalski, Kim Phillips and Rob Bauer
  • Estimating Nitrogen Contribution from Organic Fertilizers and Cover Crop Residues Using Online Calculators. Dan M. Sullivan, Nick A. Andrews, John M. Luna and John P.G. McQueen
  • Automation for Specialty Crops: A Comprehensive Strategy, Current Results, and Future Goals (PDF). Sanjiv Singh, Tara Baugher, Marcel Bergerman, Ben Grocholsky, Jay Harper, Gwen-Alyn Hoheisel, Larry Hull, Vincent Jones, George Kantor, Harvey Koselka, karen Lewis, Wiliam Messner, Henry Ngugi, Mames Owen Jr., Johnny Park, Clark Seavert
  • Composed Algae as an Alternative Substrate for Horticultural Crop Production: Chemical and Physical Properties. Joseph P. Albano, Jim Owen, James Altland, Terence Evens, Stewart Reed, Thomas Yeager
  • Comprehensive Nursery Production Technologies for Water Quality Protection and Conservation (PDF). Jim Owen, Sarah White, Bill Bauerle, Joe Albano, Tom Yeager, Ted Bilderback, and Chris Wilson
  • Cistus and Halimium Species and Cultivars Grow and Flower Well in Western Oregon. Neil Bell, James Altland
  • Recovery of Phytopthora Species from Critical Control Points in Horticultural Nurseries. J.L. Parke, N.J. Grunwald, C. Lewis, and V. Fieland
  • Development of Sustainable and Alternative Substrates for Nursery Container Crops. (PDF). Cheryl Boyer, James Owen and James Altland
  • Phenology, Symptomology and Control of Eriophyid Mites in Linden (Tilia cordata) (PDF). Betsey Miller, Robin Rosetta, Vaughn Walton