2014 Blueberry Conference

The 2014 Blueberry Conference, which was hosted by the North Willamette Research and Extension Center and the Oregon Blueberry Commission, took place at the Embassy Suite Hotel Portland Airport on January 27th.  Blueberry conference

This year’s conference attracted record numbers, and over 350 people attended a wide range of informative talks.  There were 20 exhibitors during the conference to show off their products and services to the blueberry industry. The conference lasted all day and consisted of topics ranging from current world production to honeybee health to new innovative methods for pesticide application and disease management.  At the end of the conference, many attendees enjoyed dinner at the hotel, as well as a guest speaker who talked about the current and future market for blueberries. 

Next year’s meeting is anticipated to be equally exciting, but a bigger crowd is also expected as word spreads about this great conference, which is held every year in Portland just before the NW Ag Show.