Purpose: The objectives of this joint research program are to strengthen the knowledge base about aquacultural and fisheries markets and trade for better utilization of U.S. aquatic resources. The project will address a broad range of issues associated with areas such as: seafood safety and inspection; markets for value-added seafood products, under utilized species and aquacultural species; trade and market policy; fisheries management and marketing linkages; and market structure and economic performance, both domestic and abroad. The research paper series will facilitate rapid distribution of research results and will also allow for distribution of more detailed work than can be presented in most of the formal outlets. Research paper series manuscripts may ultimately be published elsewhere. Research paper submissions are coordinated by: Richard S. Johnston, Oregon State University. Papers are subjected to two independent peer reviews.

Ordering Information: There is a $3.00 charge for each paper ($4.00 for outside North America). Checks should be made out to OSU. Please send your payment with your order to:
IIFET Assistant
Oregon State University
214 Ballard Extension Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-3601 USA
tel: 541 737-1439
fax: 541 737-2563
email: iifet@oregonstate.edu

"Seafood Consumption and Giffen Behavior", by Richard S. Johnston and Douglas M. Larson. Paper number OSU-93-101.

"Monopsony, Trade Restrictions and Trade Reversal in International Markets for Intermediate Seafood Products: The U.S.-Canada Dispute", by Ali Emami, Lewis E. Queirolo and Richard S. Johnston. Paper number OSU-93-102. (Revised Aug 1993)

"Market Information and Fisheries Management", by Gil Sylvia. Paper number OSU-93- 103.

"Global Markets for Hake With Special Reference to Pacific Whiting", by Gil Sylvia. Paper number OSU-93-104.

"Attitudes of Trawl Vessel Captains About Work, Resource Use, and Fishery Management", by Susan S. Hanna and C.L. Smith. Paper number OSU-94-101.

"Interactions Between Shellfish and Groundfish Fisheries on the West Coast: Implications for System Management", by Susan S. Hanna. Paper number OSU-94-102.

"Measuring Fleet Capacity and Capacity Utilization", by C.L. Smith and Susan S. Hanna. Paper number OSU-94-103.

"The Role Reversal Between the United States and Japan in International Seafood Trade With Specific Emphasis Upon its Impact on Household Consumption of Surimi-Based Foods", by John T. Sproul and Lewis E. Queirolo. Paper number OSU-94-104.

"Resolving Allocation Conflicts in Fishery Management", by Susan S. Hanna and C.L. Smith. Paper number OSU-94-105.

"An Analysis of Pricing Strategies for a Multiproduct Monopolist in a Discrete Choice Model", by Richard S. Johnston and Zhengkun Zhang. Paper number OSU-94-106.

"The Economics of Tie-in Sales Under Price Controls", by Zhengkun Zhang and Richard S. Johnston. Paper number OSU-94-107.

"U.S. Groundfish Demand", by Ann L. Shriver. Paper number OSU-94-108.