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Below is a listing of World Wide Web sites and other miscellaneous internet resources on seafood, aquaculture and fisheries economics, education, regulation, management, and markets. This list will be periodically updated. Please send any corrections or report errors to us!

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Alaska's Commercial Fisheries Management and Development: a subdirectory in the Alaska Fish and Games pages.
American Fisheries Society: a summary of fisheries education material for school children (K-12)
American Fishermen's Research Foundation: AFRF is non-profit albacore research organization funded entirely by US, Canadian, New Zealand and Tahitian albacore fishermen and processors. Materials include information about AFRF's waste prevention/catch management, sea surface temperature monitoring, and CTD (conductivity/temperature/depth) research programs
Aquatic animals mailing lists
Aquatic animal health research
AquaNIC: contains a variety of information on aquaculture, including related publications, new, jobs, and links
Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Newsletter
Atlantic Coast Watch
Australian Fish Species:where to fish in Australia, how to catch the fish, tackle, boat charters and more
Australian Department of Natural Resources and Environment

Basic Seafood HACCP Training and Encore Courses
Bay of Bengal Programme FAO/UNDP
British Columbia Fisheries

Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN): an on-line tool for browsing and searching of text, summaries, and status of treaties and other international agreements related to global environmental change
Coastal Fisheries Programme (SPC)
Coastal Resources Center: at the University of Rhode Island
Commercial diving: ROV, marine technology, and underwater contracting information
Center for International Earth Science Information Network, or CIESIN, has developed a prototype Policy Instruments Database (PIDB), an on-line tool for browsing and searching of text, summaries, and status of treaties and other international agreements related to global environmental change
CSIRO of Australia: Scientific and industrial research. Marine Research Division is located under "Environment and Natural Resources"

Danish Institute of Agricultural & Fisheries Economics
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Victoria, Australia
Direct Search: for resources not easily searchable with general search tools
Dutch Agricultural Economics Research Institute (LEI-DLO)

Earth Talk
El Nino papers
Enterprise Development Website: information source for subjects such as economics, policy, environment, etc.
Environment Australia
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
EPA: National Center for Environmental Research and Quality Assurance
Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators: an online search service for finding information about environmental treaties and national resource indicators.
The European Association of Fisheries Economists (EAFE)
European Commission: trade news

FAO: The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
FAO: Fisheries Page
"Finding a Balance Between Economy and Ecosystem": Presented at the History, Status and Future of the New England Offshore Fishery, by James O'Malley
FINSFish Information Service
Fish Graphics
Fisheries by The European Commission
Fishermen's News Online
FISHFOLK: information on the FISHFOLK discussion list, frequently asked questions, and biographical information on members who have submitted it to the listowner
Fishing in New Jersey : information on trawling/dredging among other topics

Gloucester Fisherman's Wives Association
Global Ocean: connections to seafood suppliers
GPO Access: Official U.S. Federal Government Information

HACCP and Seafood Safety
Hatfield Marine Science Center
Heads Up: includes fishing industry news relevant to the U.S. west coast, safety information, etc.

International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)
INFOSAMAK: comprised of eight major fish producing Countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen
International Institute for Sustainable Development: a multimedia resource for environment &development policy makers
International Ocean Institute (IOI): an independent non-governmental organization devoted to studying and preserving the world's oceans, with headquarters in Malta and activities in Canada, Fiji, Cost Rica, Japan, China, Senegal and India
Internet Guide to International Fisheries Law
Irish Sea Fisheries Board
Live Fish Auction Prices for New England
MacAlister Elliott & Partners LTD
Marine Resource Economics: order the journal, get instructions for authors, or view tables of contents
Marine Stewardship Council
Melbourne Wholesale Fishmarket Prices: current fish prices and other information
Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand

National Academy Press: online books to review, read, and order
National Academy of Sciences [website currently out of service]
National Environmental Publication Information(NEPI): search and view full image scanned publications and OCR text
National Fisherman Online
National Marine Fisheries Service : information about fisheries management operations, fisheries development, trade and industry assistance activities, enforcement, and scientific and technical aspects of NOAA's marine fisheries program
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) News: contains press releases, a legislative update, and links to El Nino information
National Park Service Sustainable Information Directory
National Sea Grant Program: pursues a national agenda through a highly interactive network of Sea Grant Colleges and research institutions
New England Fishery Management Council
New Ideas in Pollution Regulation: designed by The World Bank Group for researchers, government officials, and citizens interested in understanding and improving control of industrial pollution, especially in developing countries
North Pacific Management Council
Northeast Fisheries Science Center- Woods Hole Lab: contains information about activities of the lab in the fields of Oceanic and Atmospheric Science
Norwegian College of Fishery Science
N.W. Fishletter: regional information about research as it applies to sport and commercial fishing in the northwestern United States

Ocean '98
OceanLaw is a leading provider of research and consultancy services concerning the international law of the sea and ocean policy, and a leading developer of information and knowledge resources in these fields.
Oregon Coast Aquarium
Oregon Sea Grant
Oregon State University: Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
PICES: North Pacific Marine Science Organization
POSEIDON Aquatic Resource Management Ltd.

Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia data in several formats that assists with the accurate identification of fish species - compiled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Salmon Study: information about a study of fall Chinook by-catch, both sport and commercial, from N.W. Fishletter
Salmon Surveys: a bibliography of surveys on consumer attitudes toward salmon
Scientific Fishery Systems, Inc: information and links to fisheries pages
Scottish Agricultural College: Aquaculture & Fisheries Group, Management Division
Sea Turtles
Seafood Services Australia works with the seafood industry, nationally, to enable the industry to make the most of its opportunities and to adapt promptly and flexibly to changing business environments. Key areas of the site include: the bookstore and the fish names page.
Sharks: the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation
Smithsonian Institution's Sant Ocean Hall
A Snapshot of Salmon in Oregon: a non-technical publication giving a broad view of the salmon issues
South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
Stirling Aquaculture
Sustainable Fisheries Act
Sustainable Fisheries Foundation: a federally registered nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection, enhancement and wise use of fisheries resources in the Pacific Northwest, Includes information on the foundation, upcoming scientific and conservation-related meetings as well as a links to other organizations' pages
Sustainable Fisheries Certification & Labeling Protocol
Sustainable Development Institute

United Nations (UN)
University of Delaware: Graduate College of Marine Studies
University of Rhode Island: Department of Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
University of Rhode Island Sustainable Seafood Initiative Website: URI Sustainable Seafood Initiative website, funded by RI Sea Grant and RI Land Grant, provides information on the issue of sustainable seafood, the various approaches being used to promote demand for sustainable seafood, and the efficacy of those approaches. The target audiences are the seafood industry, retailers, restaurateurs, the catch sector and aquaculture producers, policy-makers, environmentalists, and academics. A key feature of this website is the Resources Database which is a searchable database of peer-reviewed journal articles, government publications, reports by environmental organizations, and other pertinent reports addressing fisheries and aquaculture certification, consumer preferences for ecolabeled seafood, international trade implications, and other related issues.
University of Tromso
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: includes a searchable database of their publications and ordering information
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: view regulatory documents and reports, including the Sustainable Fisheries Act
USDA Economics and Statistics System: contains nearly 300 reports and datasets from the economics agencies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Virtual Galapagos

West Coast Seafood Processors Association (WCSPA)
Western Australia Maritime Museum
Western Fishboat Owners Association(WFOA): with an emphasis on Albacore
World Resources Institute: environmental and natural resource information offers powerful tools to effectively communicate the best of your business to your prospective customers in the seafood industry.
World Wildlife Fund "Living Planet"

African Info-Server: This research project, aimed at building knowledge accessing capacities of African universities, lists research projects relevant to Africa. Some of the projects are fisheries-related. For further information, send a message to A. Getahun

Arizona Aquaculture Directory: available on the Emart Infoserver; it contains a listing of all licensed Arizona fish farms and service providers. To access, send e-mail with the message: Get Emart AzAA-1. (Leave subject line blank.)
Earth Summit: A CD-ROM is available on the Earth Summit from the Third World Institute; it contains reports NGO proposals and debates before during and after the UNCED meeting. It is searchable by keywords and authors, and documents are hot-linked together. Order from: NgoNET-CDROM, Casilla Correo 1539, Montevideo, 11000, Uruguay, fax 598-2 41 92 22, for $100 US. NGO's pay less.

Gulf of Maine federal regulations regarding fisheries are contained in regulation 50 CFR, various parts. The text of these parts can be downloaded from the NMFS Federal Register BBS (301 713-4200, 9600/8/n/1). The BBS operator is Jean Taylor (301 713-1234 in Maryland, US).

Magnuson reauthorization bills' texts can be acquired from the Marine Fish Conservation Network.

News Clipping Service: the NGO Conservation & Management, collaborating with CITES of the UN, is developing a service wherein they will clip news stories from around the world as a kind of news bureau, called the Blue Agency. Clippings will be available in English and Spanish, and initially will be made available for credit only. For further information or a sample of the news stories, contact Hector Botero .

Tides Software: You can get a software program which tells the time of high tides at various locations from John Coney at the University of Hawaii Hilo Marine Option Program. Call 808 999 3544 (Hawaii US), or send e-mail. Another is apparently available at Sea Level Center at Florida State University in the FTP site, under the pub\tides directory, where you can get both the tides.exe and the tides zip files, containing defaults for a number of areas of North America; it can tell tides for anywhere in the world if you know how to configure the software.

UNU/ZERI (United Nations University zero emissions): a series of electronic seminars have been organized by Mr. Eng-Leong Foo of the United Nations University, Tokyo. Some titles which have crossed our desk include Integrated Freshwater Aquaculture Systems, Integrated Open Sea Aquaculture, Importance of Farmer-Research-Extension linkages: a Case Study on Aquaculture in Bangladesh. Authors of these seminars vary. In order to participate in these seminars, you join a Listproc mailing list called unu.conf-room.jizo. To join, send a message with the following message: "subscribe unu.conf-room.jizo" your name, your organization.

US Department of the Interior's National Biological Service provides electronic dissemination of four subjects from the wildlife/fisheries review database. These selective dissemination of information (SDI) packages cover aquaculture, contaminants, wetlands, and andangered species. For information on this and other services provided by the Information Transfer Center, send an e-mail message an with "SEND HELP" in the subject line.

Whalenet is an interdisciplinary, student-oriented interactive educational program, which includes hands-on classroom activities. For information contact Michael Williams or Paul Columbo.
Women in fisheries, grassroots/community groups: there is a Nova Scotia Women's Fishnet working out of the OXFAM office in Halifax. For information, contact Ariella at In New Brunswick the OXFAM Canada Projet Acadie does community development with women in coastal commnities. Contact Chantal Abord-Hugon, coordinator, at In PEI there are groups operating through the Cooper Institute; contact In Newfoundland, another women's Fishnet group can be contacted through the OXFAM office.