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IIFET Networking Activities

IIFET provides several fora to facilitate contact and information sharing between members.

The IIFET Newsletter: This 20 page newsletter, published twice a year, provides conference listings, news items, and information on new publications and the activities of members.

The IIFET Membership Directory: Our handbook lists all members with complete contact information, including an e-mail directory, plus areas of interest. Regular updates are provided with the newsletter.

The IIFET Electronic List: All members are automatically added to our electronic mail list. This service, available to IIFET members only, provides up to date information on conferences, publications, and job openings, and allows members to submit research questions to the entire group. Traffic is kept low to avoid burdening members with large quantities of e-mail.

The IIFET Home Page: Provides information on IIFET, links to useful electronic resources, publications, etc. This site is constantly growing and changing.

Last updated April, 1999.


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