In the Table of Contents of the IIFET 2002 proceedings, the entries for papers 137 & 139 (Amanda Chadwick:Marine Stewardship Council: Who Should Join & Why and Torbjorn Lorentzen:The Salmon-Agreement between Norway and EU - A Welfare Economic Analysis) are linked incorrectly. To access these two papers, please do the following:

1. Insert the IIFET2002 CD-ROM.
2. Start Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click "file", then "open", then navigate to folder "PDF" on the CD-ROM , then open the folder "PAPERS".
3. Locate, and double click, the file called A_137.PDF to access the Chadwick paper.
4. Locate, and double click, the file called A_139.PDF to access the Lorentzen paper.