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American Fishermen's Research Foundation

Basic Seafood HACCP Training and Encore Courses

Economult: Norwegian fisheries fleet model

Finding a Balance Between Economy and Ecosystem: presented at the History, Status and Future of the New England Offshore Fishery, by James O'Malley of the East Coast Fisheries Federation

Fishermen's News Online

Fishing Net: commercial fishing news, links and information

Global Ocean: connections to seafood suppliers

Heads Up: includes industry news relevant to the U.S. west coast, safety information, etc.

International Pacific Halibut Commission

Live Fish Auction Prices for New England

Melbourne Wholesale Fishmarket Prices: current fish prices and other information

N.W. Fishletter: regional information about research as it applies to sport and commercial fishing in the northwestern United States

Pacific Whiting Conservation Cooperative

PC FISHelp: dynamic software for fishing vessel's bridge, netloft, fishery office, shop, institute and the roving consultant's laptop

Scientific Fishery Systems, Inc: information and links to fisheries pages

West Coast Seafood Processors Association (WCSPA)

Worldcatch.com Online publication offering open access to multi-auction online trading, real-time industry information and essential business-to-business goods and services

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