(Amended and approved May 24, 2005)

Payment of NAAFE dues entitles the payer to two years’ membership beginning at one biennial Forum and continuing through the following Forum. Individuals may also join NAAFE for a single year period between Forums by completing a membership form and paying one year’s dues to the NAAFE Business Office.

Directors must be NAAFE members. They are elected by the NAAFE membership and serve four-year terms. To provide continuity, new Board members are elected in groups of two and three, every two years. At least 6 months prior to the election (or 9 months prior to the Forum) the NAAFE President will appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of three NAAFE members. The Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of potential officers by generating their own recommendations and seeking nominations from the general NAAFE Membership. A general solicitation for nominations may be sent by the Business Office to the NAAFE membership at the request of the nominating committee. The Nominating Committee will seek permission from the candidates to include their names on the ballot. The Nominating Committee will provide the complete, approved slate to the Business Office at least one month prior to the election date.

The slate must include at least two candidates for President elect, and an adequate number of candidates to fill either one or two Board Member positions. The nominating committee and Business Office, in designing the ballot, will ensure that, whatever the outcome, there will be at least one Board member each from Canada, Mexico, and the USA, a President, and a President-Elect, among the five Board Members.

The election will be carried out by the Business Office in an efficient manner which will ensure fairness and adequate privacy. The election must take place at least three months prior to the biennial NAAFE Forum. Elected officers are installed at the end of that Forum; their terms continue through the NAAFE Forum held 4 years after their election.


(Approved April 27, 2011)

The NAAFE Board of Directors hereby establishes the NAAFE Best Student Paper Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize the most outstanding paper presented by a graduate student at the biennial NAAFE Forum. The award shall be in the amount of US $500.


The NAAFE Director, in consultation with the NAAFE President, shall determine if there are sufficient funds to support the award a year before the conference. If funds are insufficient, the Board may elect not to grant the award, or to grant it with no funds attached. If the award is to be granted, the NAAFE President shall form a Best Student Paper Award Review Committee of three members, at least one of whom (the Chair) shall be a member of the Board, approximately 10 months before the biennial Forum. Notifications of the award and the pertinent deadlines shall be included in announcements for the conference issued by the NAAFE Business Office and the Conference Organizer and shall be made independently by other available means. To compete for the award, students must submit their abstracts through the normal submission process, and the abstract must be accepted for presentation at the Forum. If necessary, early review of student abstracts will be arranged.

To be eligible for the award, individuals must either be currently enrolled in a graduate program or have completed a degree program no more than 24 months prior to the submission deadline. The paper must be accompanied by a letter from the student's department chair or major advisor attesting to the applicant's student status, and also attesting that the student is the primary author of the paper and is primarily responsible for its intellectual content, and that the paper reflects the student's own research, analysis, and writing. Students may submit a paper that has already been published provided that it was published less than one year prior to the date of the NAAFE Forum to which it is being submitted and provided that the paper has not already been presented at a previous NAAFE Forum or IIFET Conference. The NAAFE Business Office will forward papers to the Best Student Paper Award Review committee with authors' names removed so that the review is "blind".

The committee will select the best paper using the standard criteria for refereeing papers in academic journals. Selection of the winning paper will be based on creativity, originality, and contribution to theory, methods and/or application. The committee will inform the conference organizer and the NAAFE Business Office of their selection two months prior to the conference; all contestants will be informed of the results as soon as possible. If no suitable paper is submitted, the Committee may elect not to grant the award in a particular biennium. The Committee may also elect to offer one or more honorable mentions at its discretion. Honorable mentions will receive a certificate, and be announced at the conference, but no cash award will be attached. The NAAFE Business Office will inform all applicants and the general public of the committee selections. The cash award will be made to the winning student at the biennial Forum. The winning paper, and any papers receiving honorable mentions, must be presented at the conference, preferably by the student author. If the student author is unable to participate, the paper may be presented by a co-author.