IIFET 2004 Planning Visit to Japan

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Japan is a stunning blend of the traditional, the modern, and the esthetic, abounding with opportunities for fisheries economists.

Port buildings in Takamatsu reflect ancient designs.

Osaka Castle and its park dominate the city.

Traditional opening of the sake barrel.

Sitting "seiza" to drink traditional green tea.

Tea ceremony in Ritsurin Park, Takamatsu.

Ancient theme of statue in Takamatsu.

In a traditional kimono, you can't run, and forget about hiding.

Kabuki advertisements in Tokyo.

A Tokyo theatre.

Japanese style hotel rooms are floored with Tatami matting and contain little furniture.

Futons are put out for sleeping.

Shoes must be removed to walk in traditional rooms with tatami mats and paper screens.

The Asakusa shrine in Tokyo.

Shoko Amano breathes the incense at the shrine.

If traditional tourism doesn't interest you, maybe you'd enjoy playing Pachinko, a sort of hybrid between pinball and slot machines.

...or shop the Ginza

day or night.

If the prices in the Ginza aren't to your liking, try a "100 Yen store" for real bargains.

Casual lunches are available to the adventurous for under $8 (point to what you want on the pictures out front.)


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