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Powerpoints on Rangeland Topics:

Limitations to Post-fire Seedling Establishment.  Jeremy James & Tony Svejcar

Impact of Western Juniper on Hillslope Hydrology: Steens Mountain, OR.  Jon Bates & Tony Svejcar

Are we "missing the boat" on preventing the spread of invasive plants on rangelands?  2012 Kirk Davies & Dustin Johnson

Use of Seed Agglomeration Technology for Enhancing Seedling Emergence in the Presence of Physical Soil Crust.  2012  Matt Madsen, Kirk Davies, Tony Svejcar, Jason Williams

Promoting Native Vegetation and Diversity in Exotic Annual Grass Infestations.  2012  Kirk Davies & Roger Sheley

Postfire Restoration of Soil Hydrology and Wildland Vegetation Using Surfactant Seed Coating Technology.  2012  Matt Madsen, et al.


Powerpoints on Cattle Related Topics:

Bovine Acute-Phase Response after Different Doses of Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone Challenge.  2012.  Reinaldo Cooke, David Bohnert, Bruno Cappellozza, et al.

Effects of Energy Supplementation Frequency and Forage Quality on Performance, Reproductive, and Physiological Responses of Replacement Beef Heifers.  2012  Reinaldo Cooke, David Bohnert, et al.

Concentrations of Haptoglobin in Bovine Plasma Determined by ELISA or a Colorimetric Method Based on Perosidase Activity.  2012  Reinaldo Cooke et al.



Pinon-Juniper Information:

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