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Publication, 2015

Increasing the Metabolizable Protein Supply Enhanced Growth Performance and Led to Variable Results on Innate and Humoral Immune Response of Preconditioning Beef Steers
Effects of Oral Meloxicam Administration to Beef Cattle Receiving Lipopolysaccharide Administration or Vaccination Against Respiratory Pathogens
Impacts of Temperament on Nellore Cattle: Physiological Responses, Feedlot Performance, and Carcass Characteristics
Decreasing the Frequency of Energy Supplementation from Daily to Three Times Weekly Impairs Growth and Humoral Immune Response of Preconditioning Beef Steers
Expression of Estrus Modifies the Gene Expression Profile in Reproductive Tissues on Day 19 of Gestation in Beef Cows
Influence of Supplement Type and Monensin Addition on Utilization of Low-quality, Cool-season Forage by Beef Cattle
Impacts of Cow Nutritional Management During Gestation on Performance of the Offspring
Role of propagule pressure and priority effects on seedlings during invasion and restoration of shrub-steppe
Economic savings from invasive plant prevention
Seed and seedling traits affecting critical life stage transitions and recruitment outcomes in dryland grasses
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