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Special Report, 1965

Yield, yield-trend, and response to nitrogen of introduced grasses on the Oregon high desert

Technical paper, 1964

Digestibility of native flood meadow hay at different stages of growth
beef cattle
Calf production from Hereford cows wintered at different nutrition levels
Performance of calves fed vitamin A with baled and chopped meadow hay
Influence of nitrogen on seasonal production of dry matter and nitrogen accumulation from meadows
Performance and carotene conversion in Hereford heifers fed different levels of nitrate

Special Report, 1964

1964 Progress Report -- Research in beef cattle nutrition and management
A summary of alfalfa investigations conducted on the Squaw Butte Experiment Station
alfalfa, fertilizer, yield

Bulletin, 1964

Overstory-understory grass seedings on sagebrush-bunchgrass range

Technical paper, 1963

The response of yearling cattle on crested wheatgrass pasture to energy, protein, and sodium...
Hubbert, F. E.
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