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Extension Bulletin, 1958

Ranchers, ranges, and cows
Range robbers - undesirable range plants

Technical paper, 1957

The constituent differential method of estimating species composition in mixed hay
The carotene and vitamin A content of plasma and liver on range Hereford cows and their calves in...
Meadow grazing - 1. A comparison of gains of calves and yearlings when summering on native flood...
The use of the production function and linear programming in valuation of intermediate products
A legume for native flood meadows - 1. Establishment and maintenance of white-tip clover (T....

Report, 1957

1957 Field Day Report
beef cattle, meadow, range

Technical paper, 1956

Herbage response to sagebrush spraying
The effect of source, rate, and time of nitrogen application upon the yields, vegetative...
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