Nutritional Evaluation of Forage Kochia: Development of a Nutritional Calendar


A trial was conducted to determine the effect of calendar date on in situ NDF and CP degradation characteristics of forage kochia (Kochia prostrata [L.] Shad.).  Four ruminally cannulated steers (464 ± 53 kg) were used to determine the effects of calendar date on in situ degradation kinetics of neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and crude protein (CP) of forage kochia clipp ed on the 15th of July and October in  2001 and January and April in 2002 (20 year-old stand).  Ruminal digestibility (%/h) was not affected by calendar date (P > 0.07).  However, when expressed as a percentage of initial NDF and CP, ruminal degradability linearly decreased (P < 0.003) from July to April.  Forage kochia may have the potential to act as a complimentary forage to most dormant cool-season grasses in the Intermountain West.

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Schauer, C.S.,  D.W. Bohnert, and M.F. Carpinelli.  2004. Nutritional calendar and germination responses to ruminal incubation of forage kochia.  Rangelands. 26(1):8-11  (DWB PDF#5)

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