Influence of protein supplementation on Intake and digestibility of diverse Low-Quality Cool- and Warm-Season Forages by steers

                Despite agronomic research evaluating physiological differences between C4 and C3 grasses and the nutritional evaluation of low-quality forage CP supplementation, data comparing utilization of low-quality C3 vs. C4 grasses by ruminants is limited.  This is relevant because preliminary research suggests that CP supplementation of ruminants consuming low-quality C3 forages does not result in responses similar to that observed with C4 forages.  Consequently, the objective of this experiment is to compare intake, digestibility, and N balance of ruminants offered a variety of low-quality C4 and C3 forages with and without protein supplementation.  These results could indicate that our current forage intake models are nor adequate for low-quality C3 forages.