OSU Shared Student Values

At Oregon State University, we are fortunate to have visionary students who truly transform the university with their intellect, creativity, and optimism. The Office of the Dean of Student Life is passionate about making sure our campus community is one that supports student success. A core part of student success is an understanding of values that can positively shape a learning environment.

The OSU Shared Student Values is a gift of labor and love that a group of students developed, with extensive dialogue, research, and community care. These Values inspire us all to rise to our best selves, which in turn, allows Oregon State University to be among the best communities for student success.

The OSU Shared Student Values PDF

Dr. Mamta Motwani Accapadi
Dean of Student Life

Conception and Creation of the OSU Shared Student Values

As the first student-created values statement in the Oregon University System, this living document is a reflection of dedication, hard work, and the engagement of over a thousand students. In 2006, the P.E.A.C.E. OSU organization held forums to discuss issues within the OSU community. What came out of those forums was a desire to create a guiding document outlining the values shared by the student body. In June of 2007, a team of students took the initiative to record these values.

The Student Community Covenant Team worked diligently to meet with students at organizational meetings, held open forums, participated in a symposium and conducted a survey to reach out to as wide a cross section of the student body as was possible in order to ascertain their values.

The OSU Shared Student Values were unveiled in May, 2008.

The OSU Shared Student Values PDF

Shared Student Values

Mission and Aspirations

We, the students at Oregon State University, are present within this community to complete a quest to better ourselves. To thrive intellectually, emotionally, personally, and socially requires us to draw closer together in the pursuit of our dreams. We feel that in order for us to succeed, it is paramount that we challenge each other to be in community. We pledge to embrace the values that were created by students, for students, to guide our time here.


The values highlighted below will help create an environment in which fellow colleagues are able to prosper and grow. They were generated, defined and supported by OSU students and appear in no distinct order, all are equally important. 

These OSU Shared Student Values were unveiled in May 2008.

The OSU Shared Student Values PDF

Gratitude and Acknowledgements

Gratitude and Acknowledgements

We thank the Student Community Covenant Team for all their hard work and energy on this initiative. They met weekly, hosted seven forums and one symposium to collect values, surveyed hundreds of students on the gathered values, drafted the values statement, and hosted an unveiling reception. The members include: Angela Baxter, Sarah Bendickson, Duy Nguyen.

We would also like to thank:

The OSU Shared Student Values PDF