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Why does my content have a pink background?

If you happen to notice a pink colored background behind your content and it is not part of your site's theme, this is most likely due to the state your content is in.  Draft content, content that is in process and only viewed by logged in site members, will display with a pale pink background.

To change this, you must publish the content.

How do I turn revision tracking on for a node?

Revision tracking, by default, is set to be used on an as needed basis and can be toggled into action directly from your node.

Why doesn't a menu item appear for my page even though one has been created?

If a menu item doesn't appear after you have created one, there are two possible reasons why it won't show.  Either the menu item was put into the wrong location or the node is in an unpublished state.

How do I create a Page in OSU Drupal?

The Page content type is a standard, simple to use Drupal content type.  It is suggested that the Page content type be used for static content - this is content that doesn't change much over time.