Where is my playlist in MediaSpace?

To access your playlists, click on the My Playlists link at the top right of your screen.

How do I find related media in MediaSpace?

Related media will automatically appear to the right of the large featured video at the center of your screen.

How do I tag media in MediaSpace?

MediaSpace provides the ability to tag media within its system via the Details of the media.  Detail data is always collected when content is initially uploaded.  It can also be edited via the Edit details link of any media within My Media.

Where can I find my media in MediaSpace?

MediaSpace contains a special collection of media known as My Media.  The media that appears in this collection is the media that you have uploaded.

How do I log in to MediaSpace?

Logging into MediaSpace is done via a simple log in link on the upper right side of the screen.

How do I upload video content into MediaSpace?

MediaSpace's video upload and conversion feature is a very simple and efficient process.  Just follow the provided instructions and you'll be sharing your video in no time.

How do I upload audio content into MediaSpace?

Before You Start...

Please be aware that MediaSpace offers the ability to upload audio files in either the MP3 or WAV audio format.  If your audio file is a different format than MP3 or WAV you will need to convert it prior to uploading it.

How do I upload pictures into MediaSpace?

Before You Start...

Please be aware that while MediaSpace offers the ability to upload image files in the JPG, PNG, or GIF file format, it will ultimately convert your image file to a jpg file format.  If you are uploading a solid color png or gif image, the appearance of your image may become pixellated.

What is a playlist in MediaSpace?

A playlist, in MediaSpace, is a convenient way for the user to group together collections of content.  For example, you can create a My Favorite Videos playlist that contains a group of your favorite videos that you select and add.

Playlists can also be used to create categorical content according to the user's needs.  For example, if you are a student in a class that uses video segments as part of a lecture series, you can create a playlist using the name of the class and save each of those videos to your playlist.  This way you can quickly and easily find what you want, when you want it.

How do I create a playlist in MediaSpace?

Personal playlists can be easily created by clicking the Add to Playlists link, in the tab collection beneath the featured content.