300 - Drupal Droplets

303 Keep it Cited with Bibliography

Class Offered?: 
102 Content Types


Does your website have a need for citations?  Perhaps you have published faculty members and would like to present their publications as part of a faculty profile page?  Or, perhaps you have an inventory of printed resources you would like to track on your website.

If any of these cases apply, you may be interested in Bibliography - a robust, versatile, and highly configurable Drupal module that helps manage publications and authors.

This workshop covers the following:

  • What is Bibliography?
  • Manual Bibliographic Entries
  • Bibliography Components
    • Publication List
    • Authors
    • Keywords
  • Bibliography Imports & Exports
    • Single and Batch Processing Of
      • BibTex formats
      • RIS formats
      • EndNote formats
      • CrossRef DOI Lookups
      • PubMed Lookups
  • Bibliography Configuration
    • Sorting
    • Styling
    • Syndication
    • Fields
    • Authors

302 Exploring OSU Themes

Class Offered?: 
102 Content Types

Learn how to change and configure themes on your Drupal 6 site with a focus on using the OSU Grey and OSU Orange themes.  This workshop is geared for the intermediate Drupal user.

This workshop does not instruct users on how to build or install custom themes.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Themes
    • What Themes Are & How They Work
    • Theme Development
    • OSU Grey and OSU Orange
      • Configuring OSU Grey & OSU Orange
        • Changing OSU Grey Color Palette
        • Changing OSU Orange Header Icon Image
        • Uploading & Inserting Custom Images
      • Change Default Theme
      • Troubleshooting Issues with Theme Changes
      • Breadcrumb Configuration
    • Global Theme Configuration
      • Changing Post Information
  • Site Information Configuration
    • Changing Site Information

This workshop is part of a progressive instructional series and utilizes or builds on content developed in previous workshops.  Completion of the Drupal 6 Site Structures workshop is recommended.

An OSU Drupal 6 personal training site is required.  Contact CWS at x71189 for further information.


301 Designing Tables

Class Offered?: 
102 Content Types


This is an add-on workshop for those who are interested in learning about table styling.  The focus will be on dealing with such styling elements as gridlines, backgrounds, media embeds, and overall layout of a table on a Drupal page.

Topics Include:

  • Basic Tables
    • Copy & Paste HTML Data Table
      • Quick explanation of HTML table structure
    • Create a Basic Table
    • Table Functions
      • Add Rows & Columns
      • Delete Rows & Columns
      • Merge Cells
  • Image Layout Using Tables
    • Add Captions
    • Troubleshooting Issues
      • Table Alignment
      • HTML Style Settings Not Showing
  • Table Styling
    • Gridlines
    • Backgrounds
    • Cell Properties
    • Floating a Table
  • OSU Media Manager Table Array