301 Designing Tables

Class Offered?: 
102 Content Types

Please note that Drupal 6 classes and training environments are no longer available. This material is available only as reference. If you need help with your Drupal 6 site, please attend Open Lab.

This is an add-on workshop for those who are interested in learning about table styling.  The focus will be on dealing with such styling elements as gridlines, backgrounds, media embeds, and overall layout of a table on a Drupal page.

Topics Include:

  • Basic Tables
    • Copy & Paste HTML Data Table
      • Quick explanation of HTML table structure
    • Create a Basic Table
    • Table Functions
      • Add Rows & Columns
      • Delete Rows & Columns
      • Merge Cells
  • Image Layout Using Tables
    • Add Captions
    • Troubleshooting Issues
      • Table Alignment
      • HTML Style Settings Not Showing
  • Table Styling
    • Gridlines
    • Backgrounds
    • Cell Properties
    • Floating a Table
  • OSU Media Manager Table Array