205 How to Use Views

Class Offered?: 

Please note that Drupal 6 classes and training environments are no longer available. This material is available only as reference. If you need help with your Drupal 6 site, please attend Open Lab.

Take a look at your Drupal site with Views!  By using this powerhouse Drupal module, you can fully leverage the dynamic qualities of your Drupal site to the benefit of both you and your audience.  

Quickly create custom queries, high impact data tables, helpful data filtering tools, and customized page and block displays.  This workshop covers the following:

  • Views and the Views Module
  • Control Panel Overview
    • Interpreting the Views List
    • Using the Views UI
  • Views & CCK
    • Refining CCK Element Display
  • Build Modes
    • Full Node v. Teaser Build Mode
  • Views & Menus
    • Adding Menu Items Through Views
    • Manually Adding a View to a Menu
  • Field Row Style
    • Style Types for Field Row Style
  • Organizing Information
    • Ordering, Sorting, & Grouping
  • Displays
    • Page
    • Block

This workshop is part of a progressive instructional series and utilizes or builds on content developed in previous workshops.  Completion of workshops 3-6 - with the exception of the Exploring OSU Themes workshop - is necessary:

1. Drupal 6 Basics
2. Drupal 6 Content Types
3. Drupal 6 Developing Site Structures
4. Drupal 6 Engineering Blocks
5. Drupal 6 Form Development with Webform
6. Drupal 6 Generating Custom Content Types

Please note that this is an advanced workshop that requires a personal Drupal training site which has been completed up to this level of instruction.  If you do not have a personal training site with the necessary content, you will not be eligible for this workshop.  For more information contact CWS at x71189.



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