204 Generating Custom Content Types

Class Offered?: 

Please note that Drupal 6 classes and training environments are no longer available. This material is available only as reference. If you need help with your Drupal 6 site, please attend Open Lab.

Come and see how to get everyone on the same page! Discover how to create custom content types through the use of the Content Construction Kit (CCK) module. Embed standard image sizes, develop a formulaic content base to help with layout consistency, and learn how to configure some advanced content type settings.

This workshop is geared for the advanced Drupal user and covers the following topics:

  • Anatomy of a Content Type
    • Data Input Form and Database
  • Content Type Settings
  • CCK
    • Form Re-Use
    • How CCK Helps
  • Import a Custom Content Type
    • Form Re-Use
    • Subject Continuity
    • Cascading Changes
    • Automated File Handling
  • Create a Custom Content Type
    • Deciding What You Need
    • Create & Populate a Recipe Content Type
  • ImageCache
    • How to Create and Apply Image Handling Presets

This workshop is part of a progressive instructional series and utilizes or builds on content developed in previous workshops.  Completion of workshops 3-4 is necessary:

1. Drupal 6 Basics
2. Drupal 6 Content Types
3. Drupal 6 Developing Site Structures
4. Drupal 6 Formatting Blocks

Please note that this is an advanced workshop that requires a personal Drupal training site which has been completed up to this level of instruction.  For more information contact CWS at x71189.



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