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Create a Video Node | CWS Training | Oregon State University
What this means is that you need to locate a video on YouTube, Vimeo, or OSU
MediaSpace and copy its embed code. Here's how you get embed code from ...
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/drupal-deep-dive/osu-drupal-7/features/osu-features/video-carousel-lightbox-feature/create-vide - 44k
Import Vocabularies | CWS Training | Oregon State University
OSU Drupal 6 · Login · Announcements · Basic Content Types · Bibliography ·
Blocks · Books · CCK · Content Access · Features · Feeds Display · Gallerix ...
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/drupal-deep-dive/osu-drupal-6/taxonomy/import-vocabularies - 48k
Personal Dashboard | CWS Training | Oregon State University
My OSU Groups block = the titles of all of the groups that you're a member of will
... dashboard with my content, my osu groups, and group management blocks.
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/drupal-deep-dive/osu-drupal-7/organic-groups/getting-know-your-dashboards/personal-dashboard - 42k
TinyMCE / WYSIWYG Text Editor | CWS Training | Oregon State ...
The TinyMCE text editor used in OSU Drupal 6 is not a core module of Drupal.
Drupal itself does not use any one particular text editor, instead it leaves the ...
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/drupal-deep-dive/osu-drupal-6/tinymce-wysiwyg-text-editor - 43k
Add Roles to OG | CWS Training | Oregon State University
In our OSU Drupal 7 installation, we use four different roles within an Organic
Group, by default: Group manager; Group author; Group member; Group affiliate.
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/drupal-deep-dive/osu-drupal-7/organic-groups/configuring-organic-groups/define-og-roles-and-p-0 - 44k
Configure Announcement Blocks | CWS Training | Oregon State ...
Announcement blocks contain the same default configuration options as all other
blocks in an OSU Drupal 6 Site. They do not have any special configurations ...
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/drupal-deep-dive/osu-drupal-6/announcements/configure-announcement-blocks - 44k
Using the Book Manager | CWS Training | Oregon State University
Books are a little different from other content in your OSU Drupal 6 site. If you're
using the Book navigation block, this item does not show up as a separate menu
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/drupal-deep-dive/osu-drupal-6/books/using-book-manager - 42k
How do I change a block title? | CWS Training | Oregon State ...
OSU Drupal 6 FAQ. Available here is a comprehensive list of all related FAQ
contained on this site, for this application. To filter the results down to a specific ...
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/faq/how-do-i-change-block-title%3Fpage%3D7 - 43k
Change Book Page Auto Navigation Display | CWS Training ...
OSU Standard contains a toggle that provides site administrators the ability to
turn this display off, if desired. To toggle this feature off, simply do the following:.
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/drupal-deep-dive/osu-drupal-6/themes/osu-standard/change-book-page-auto-navigation-display - 43k
Remove a Member | CWS Training | Oregon State University
Go to your group dashboard by going to Admin menu > Dashboard and then
clicking on the appropriate group link in the My OSU Groups block. navigating to
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/drupal-deep-dive/osu-drupal-7/organic-groups/using-organic-groups/manage-your-group/remove-memb - 44k
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