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Drupal Deep Dive | CWS Training | Oregon State University
This manual contains detailed step-by-step technical instructions for some of the
common tasks you may encounter while working in an OSU Drupal site.
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/drupal-deep-dive - 37k
Create an OSU Drupal 6 Announcement Feed | CWS Training ...
To create an OSU Drupal 6 Announcement feed, just do the following: First you
will need an Announcement feed from another OSU Drupal 6 site. You can ...
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/drupal-deep-dive/osu-drupal-6/feeds-display/create-osu-drupal-6-announcement-feed - 45k
OSU Standard
OSU Standard is the default theme provided in our OSU Drupal 6 installation.
This theme has been designed to complement the OSU Home Page in ...
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/export/html/214 - 17k
Configure Organic Groups | CWS Training | Oregon State University
Please note that videos which are provided from a source outside of OSU may
not completely reflect OSU systems. Instead, use the provided video as a general
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/drupal-deep-dive/osu-drupal-7/organic-groups/configure-organic-groups - 47k
OSU Drupal 7
The OSU Drupal answer to this common issue is the Announcement module,
which provides the Announcement content type and Announcement block ...
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/export/html/312 - 441k
Common OSU Theme Elements
Application: OSU Drupal 6. There are some common elements in the Theme-
specific settings that both OSU Standard and OSU Confident share. OSU
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/export/html/228 - 15k
OSU Events Calendar
The OSU Events Calendar was officially launched in March of 2006 to provide a
long-term web calendar solution for Oregon State University. This calendar was ...
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/export/html/194 - 10k
Training Materials
Focuses on basic elements of using the OSU Drupal 7 Content Management
System (CMS). This workshop is slow-paced, interactive, and geared... Find Out ...
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/view/training-materials - 81k
Google Analytics | CWS Training | Oregon State University
If you're using OSU Drupal, though, Google Analytics code has been included
within the system. The results of this tracking span all of oregonstate.edu, so a ...
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/book/web-analytics/google-analytics - 39k
Why do my changes show when I'm logged in, but not when I'm ...
In the Admin Menu, hover your mouse over the little OSU icon in the leftmost
corner. Click on Flush all caches in the menu that drops down. Once the cache
has ...
http://oregonstate.edu/cws/training/faq/why-do-my-changes-show-when-im-logged-not-when-im-logged-out - 43k
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