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Drupalcon 2015 will be visiting the stars in sunny Los Angeles, CA.  Visit the Drupalcon Los Angeles website for upcoming details.


Welcome to CWS Training, the source for all CWS training material.

It's our intent here at Central Web Services to provide OSU faculty, staff, and student groups with high quality training in the campus-wide web applications provided by our unit.

From the CWS Blog

Extra content on RSS feed

Oct 2, 2014

The update of the WordPress-SEO plugins has resulted in extra content being added to a blog site’s RSS feeds. The extra content is “The post xxx originally appeared in yyy”. To remove this content, you will need to log onto your blog site and from the wp-admin page, go to SEO -> RSS. Remove the… Continue reading  Read full story.

Prezi on the Blog!

Oct 2, 2014

With the installation of the prezi-embedded plugin, using prezi in blogs posts and pages has been simplified. To enbed a Prezi in our blog posts, we need to do the following (from the plugin installation notes): Place [prezi id="<Prezi ID>"] in any post or page were you want to embed a Prezi. To find your… Continue reading  Read full story.

Announcing a Two Week Release Cycle for CWS Drupal

Sep 17, 2014

Central Web Services is continuously making improvements to our Drupal platform. We’re fixing bugs, updating modules, adding new features, and enhancing existing features. For the past 3 years we have been on roughly a six week release cycle. If there were important security updates it could be shorter, but frequently it was longer. We want… Continue reading  Read full story.

CWS Training Calendar


OSU Drupal 7 Basics Workshop

Focuses on basic elements of using the OSU Drupal 7 Content Management System (CMS). This workshop is slow-paced, interactive, and geared toward beginning Drupal users.  For registration information please go to…

OSU Drupal 7 Features Workshop

Come test drive some of the new features Central Web Services has created for use with OSU Drupal 7.

In this class you'll learn about...

A variety of features:
Feature Stories
Image Albums
Video Carousel
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