How do I create a Story in Drupal?

Perhaps you may want to have some content in your site that's dedicated to news, press releases, or personal interest stories.  If this is the case, the Story content type might be helpful.  This basic content type provides the simplicity of a Page submission form but provides a different node type so it can be easily separated from general page information and displayed in it's own dynamic group using a tool such as Views.

To create a Story, do the following:

  1. Go to Admin menu > Content management > Create content > Story.
  2. Enter a title in the Title field.  This is required.
  3. If a menu item is to be created, open the Menu settings field set, and provide, at a minimum, a Menu link title.
  4. Add any text content to the Body field.  You may also embed media and file links here.
  5. If you will be adding any in-line CSS styles to your body content, or positioning images or tables with a float property, open up the Input format fieldset and select Full HTML.
  6. In the Publishing options fieldset, select Publish to publish the document so the world can see it.  Leave this box unchecked if the document requires more work.
  7. Click the Save button.