Can I Easily Replace My Old E-mail Text Fields with the E-mail Field CCK Widget?

The addition of the E-mail Field CCK Widget provides a method for users to easily add e-mail addresses in a custom node that will, when the node is viewed and the link is clicked on, either open a connection with the local computers mail client via a mailto link or redirect the user to a web-based mail form within the site (this is the preferred method).

Exsting e-mail fields in custom node types will not automatically change.  These fields must be replaced manually.

To manually change out your old e-mail text fields to the new E-mail Field widget, do the following:

  1. Add the E-mail Field widget to your content type as detailed in the E-Mail CCK Widget article.
  2. Copy the existing address from one field to the other - this requires CWS help, please submit a Help Ticket.  CWS will update the values for you using the following SQL Query: update content_type_faculty_profile set  field_email_email =  field_contact_email_value  where  field_contact_email_value is not null;
  3. After the update query has been run by CWS, remove the old email field.
  4. If you have any views that used the old field in any display, the views will have to be updated to include the new field and remove the old.