Web Analytics



Web analytics is the collection, measurement, analysis, and reporting of web activity on a given webpage / website.

This information is used for a wide variety of reasons including:

Central Web Services provides several different methods of monitoring the traffic on your website via both Google Analytics and Urchin Analytics.

Read on to discover more about these different tools and how they can help you gauge the effectiveness of your web communication endeavors.

Google Analytics


google analytics text with small chart imageGoogle Analytics is an efficient, user friendly, and free web analytics tool.

Google Analytics requires that an account be set up and managed in Google.  After the account is created, special code is provided to the account user which is then embedded into a website.  Central Web Services does not create or manage these accounts for you.  This is something you or a designated party within your organization must do.

If you are currently working on a non-OSU Drupal website, it's your responsibility to add your own Google Analytics code.

If you're using OSU Drupal, though, Google Analytics code has been included within the system.  The results of this tracking span all of oregonstate.edu, so a drill-down is required to get the information for your specific site.

The OSU Standard theme, in OSU Drupal, includes a configuration in the theme settings that allows you to put your own Google Analytics code into your site.  A similar feature also exists in the OSU Wordpress installation at blogs.oregonstate.edu.  This means you won't have to drill down through oregonstate.edu to get your results for your site, but it also means that there will be external account maintenance required.

Read on to find out more about each of the available Google analytics methods.

Built-In Google Analytics Code


All OSU Drupal themes contain basic Google Analytics tracking code.  This code reports back all the activity on all of the aggregated sites in the oregonstate.edu domain.

WebComm is the administrator for this large, umbrella account and can add interested parties as needed.  To acquire access to this account, contact a WebComm representative.

Configurable Google Analytics Options



Please see the following for information related to configuring the Google Analytics options for your OSU Drupal or Wordpress site.

Urchin 6


spiked urchin logo with word urchin at bottomUrchin 6 was launched by Central Web Services on March 6th, 2009.  This high-powered application is Google's proprietary analytics tool and is capable of providing both a deeper probing of web traffic and a wider array of reporting features.

Central Web Services provides a few different options for Urchin reporting: standard and custom profiles. 

The standard reporting method provides a full, unfiltered report of the entire oregonstate.edu domain.  Users must drill-down to locate their site and its statistics.  All members of the OSU community can use this service at no charge.

Custom profiles are reports that have been filtered, so that a single report is shown for a single site.  Central Web Services can provide custom profiles for a site for a charge.

Locate an Urchin 6 Report



Links to all Urchin reports can be found on the CWS Main site at http://oregonstate.edu/cws/statistics/reporting.

This page contains an expandable list of all Urchin profiles, as well as the main oregonstate.edu Urchin report at the top of the group.

urchin profile list

Locate the report of interest and click on it to open it.

click on report url

The Urchin report for that site will open.

urchin report for chosen site