Add a User

Adding a user is a relatively simple task, but due to the fact that roles must be assigned to users, and due to the fact that different roles may have different permissions that can severely affect an entire site, only site administrators may add users.

To add a user to a site, just do the following:

Go to Admin menu > User management > Users > Add user.

Enter the user's ONID or DINO username.  Please note, the ONID/DINO username must be used and should not be changed.  If it is, the user will no longer be recognized by the site as being a valid user.

Enter a valid E-mail address - this can be any e-mail address but we recommend using this person's work e-mail.

Select the Role that you want this user to seve on your site.  Since these roles are progressive, only one role needs to be checked at a time for any given user.

Click the Create new account button.

add user screen

And that's all there is to it!

Once the user has been added to the site s/he will appear on the User list, located at Admin menu > User management > Users.

user added to user list