Basic Text Editor Features


The Tiny MCE WYSIWYG editor used in OSU Drupal 6 has some basic features to get acquainted with.


The most obvious feature is the toolbar.  The standard toolbar provides the user with the ability to create both basic and formatted text, add media, apply preset CSS styles, and perform some rather complex table functions.

wysiwyg toolbar

Most of the icons on the toolbar should be familiar to a user who has any kind of experience with a word processing application such as Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer.  In the event you come across a symbol that you're not sure of, though, just hover on the button and hold for about a second.  A tool tip will then appear to give you the title of the button.

hover tip displaying when mouse is on tool button

active button next to an inactive button

Sometimes you may encounter a button that is inactive (greyed out).  When this occurs it is generally because something in the content area either needs to be selected, or, in the case of the table formatting buttons, a table must be inserted into the body area.

Enable/Disable Link

At the bottom left of the text editor is a link that says Disable Rich Text

rich text editor enabled

Clicking on this link will turn off the rich text editor and the buttons will disappear.  This feature exists for those users who prefer to code in HTML.

click on disable rich text link

If you click the Disable Rich Text link accidentally, note that the text will then change to Enable Rich Text.  Just click the link again to bring the rich text editor back.

click enable rich text link