TinyMCE / WYSIWYG Text Editor


The TinyMCE text editor used in OSU Drupal 6 is not a core module of Drupal.  Drupal itself does not use any one particular text editor, instead it leaves the selection of this tool up to whomever puts the installation package together.

The TinyMCE text editor is a programing library that has been created by MoxieCode and contributed to the Open Source community.  Many different platforms, including WordPress and Joomla, can also use this text editor.  In the OSU Drupal 6 installation profile, it is used in conjunction with the WYSIWYG API module and the IMCE file browser module.

tinymce text editor with toolbar and text editor area

The text editor itself is relatively straightforward in its use.  There is often confusion, though, for those who are new to web publishing, because while the editor contains many features that are similar to a word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer, the environment on the Web is quite a bit different from the environment on your personal computer.

In this section, we'll cover a variety of different topics that relate to the use of the text editor including how to create different types of hyperlinks and how to embed media.