Add Custom Google Analytics Code


By default, all of our OSU Drupal sites use Google Analytics to gather data about site traffic. In this default, all OSU sites under oregonstate.edu have statistics available, which can be obtained via Interactive Communications.

If you prefer to create and maintain a separate Google Analytics account for your organization, you can add custom Google Analytics tracking code to your OSU Drupal site, as follows:

Obtain the Google Analytics ID for your organization (this will require a separate Google account for your organization) or if you have a profile configured with Interactive Communications have the ID they provided. Please note that after you create a Google Account and log in to Google Analytics, your sites Tracking ID will be on your Google Administrative Dashboard as well.

In your OSU Drupal site, using the OSU Standard theme, go to Admin menu > Site building > Themes > Configure > OSU Doug Fir (or the theme your site is using).

Scroll down the page to the OSU Theme Options fieldset and locate the Custom Google Analytics Tracking Code field.  Paste your Google Tracking ID into this field.

custom google analytics tracking code theme setting

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.