Switching to Doug Fir

Switching a theme isn't really very difficult if you're organized about it.  There are generally two main things you need to consider

  • Theme Configurations
  • Block Layout

By following the instructions contained within this section, you can actually configure everything behind the scenes on your production site and then just toggle a setting and switch your theme seamlessly.  Prior to beginning, you may want to review the Blocks and Themes sections of this manual.

If, however, your site happens to be a large, high profile site, such as a college site, a frequently visited service site such as admissions - or if you're just nervous about making a live switch like this - you may want to request a clone of your production site to be put into drupaldev to avoid any mishaps.  Please take into consideration that, if this option is taken, your live site will be blocked from any changes, probably for a couple of days, while we queue up the push to production.

Additionally, the following instructions are written regarding a switch from OSU Standard to Doug Fir, which have similar regional layouts.  If you're using an older OSU theme such as OSU Grey or Confident, you may want to request a development version of your site and experiment a little bit due to the fact that these older themes use a different type of regional layout than OSU Standard or Doug Fir.

So, keeping that in mind, let's take a look at the first thing we need to address, which are the theme configurations.