Breadcrumb Display

Breadcrumbs are small navigational tools, typically found at the top of a web page, that display a path that the user has traveled into the website.

breadcrumb links at top of content area

The breadcrumbs displayed in an OSU Drupal 6 site are actually quite configurable.  Permitted users can add special characters as separators between links, append the current page to the breadcrumb trail, and even add external links at the beginning of the breadcrumb trail.

To configure the breadcrumb display, go to Admin menu > Site building > Themes > OSU Standard or OSU Confident.

Locate the Breadcrumb settings group in the Theme-specific settings fieldset.

breadcrumb settings inside of the theme-specific settings fieldset

Display breadcrumb field = Determines whether to display the breadcrumb at all.

Breadcrumb separator field = Allows a character to be placed in to act as a separator between breadcrumb links. Note: add a space before and after the character.

Show home page link in breadcrumb checkbox = includes or excludes home page in breadcrumb trail.

Append a separator to the end of the breadcrumb checkbox = includes or excludes a separator at the end of the breadcrumb trail.

Text in First Breadcrumb field = text to display for first breadcrumb.

Breadcrumb Prefix Text field = provides option to add an external link at beginning of breadcrumb, such as for a parent organization's web page.  Note: HTML is required here.