Block Hoverlinks

block hover links in upper right corner of block

Block hoverlinks are small, contextual links that appear when a permitted user passes a mouse over a hotspot on the block.  These links make configuring the block, or the menu or view related to the block, very fast and efficient by bypassing the typical navigation path to the appropriate configuration panel.

By default, when blocks are enabled and displayed on a site using OSU Standard or OSU Confident, the block hoverlinks should be enabled.


To turn these links off, or turn them back on if they have been turned off, just do the following:

Go to Admin menu > Site building > Themes > Configure > OSU Standard or OSU Confident.

Locate the Theme-specific settings field set and uncheck the Show block editing on hover check box, to turn off, or check it to turn the feature on.

Click the Save configuration button at the bottom of the screen.

show block editing on hover check box in theme settings