Poll Content Type


The Poll content type possesses all the same default features as all other content types, with the exception of the Body field. It's appearance is quite a bit different.  You'll discover that it's very easy to use, though.

As with all content types, to open a Poll submisison form, go to Admin menu > Content management > Create content > Poll.

poll content type with multi-field widget

After the submission form opens, you'll note that the field that is usually labeled Title is now labeled Question. This field is required.

What is most noticeable is the Choices multi-field widget at the top of the screen.  This is where you enter the answer options that you will allow your audience.

At a minimum, two answers, such as Yes and No, must be entered.  If you want to supply more answers, though, just click the Add another choice button and an additional field will be supplied.

multi-field widget with yes, no, and not sure yet answers entered, along with add another choice button

Your poll can be opened and closed directly from the submission form using the Poll status field.

poll status with closed and active options and help text "when a poll is closed, visitors can no longer vote for it."

Or you can set a Poll duration so your poll will automatically close after a preset period.  If you choose Unlimited, this means that the poll will just continue to run until you turn it off via the Poll status field.

poll duration set to 1 week with help text "after this period, the poll will be closed automatically"

After you click the Save button, your completed poll will appear.  From here, you can vote by clicking the Vote button.

completed poll with answer set radio buttons and vote button

The most current poll standings will be displayed once you cast your vote.  From here, if you wish to cancel your vote, just click the Cancel your vote button.  You can supply another answer if you wish, but you can only have one vote recorded in the system at any given time.

poll standings displays bar graph and results of given answers

Now that you know how to create Poll content, let's take a look at how polls are administered.